Security Cameras

Best Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

Let’s face it; the need to protect your home in a suitable manner is greater than ever. While there are many contributing factors to consider, security camera installations are very much at the forefront of the blueprint for success.

Here’s everything you need to know about investing in security cameras for your home.

The Best Security Camera Manufacturers

Before looking at individual models, it’s important to find a manufacturer of outdoor security cameras that can be trusted. The cameras you choose should be from a reputable name that boasts a solid reputation in the industry and offers excellent customer care, which extends to software upgrades and bug fixes.

Some of the best brands on the market include:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Swann
  • Ring
  • Arlo
  • Nest Cam
  • Smonet
  • ADT
  • Netamo
  • Lorex

There are a number of alternative outdoor security camera manufacturers on the market too. With a little online research (or discussions with our experts), you’ll soon discover which ones are worth your investment.

Key Features To Look For In Outdoor Security Cameras

Whichever brand you choose, there will be a variety of models on offer. As a responsible homeowner looking to provide your family with the ultimate levels of security, you should take the time to know which features are most desirable.

Focus on the following five, and you won’t go far wrong.

Streaming & Recording Quality

While poor-quality cameras may still deter some, their function is significantly reduced if the quality of the recording is lacking. The resolution should, therefore, be considered an immensely important feature when looking at potential purchases.

Night Vision

The vast majority of burglaries happen at nighttime when thieves are protected by the cover of darkness. As such, it’s essential that any security camera you install is blessed with night vision capabilities. Otherwise, you’ll be open to further danger.

Remote Access

The ability to monitor and control your security cameras from your smartphone takes your security game to a whole new level, especially when you’re away. The best facilities can be linked to the local police too.


Sound adds a whole new level of control as this allows cameras to detect sound even when thieves are out of shot. The recordings can also become crucial evidence during legal proceedings against intruders.

Motion Detection

Motion detectors allow the cameras to automatically follow intruders. This is particularly useful for deterring thieves as they’ll pay attention to the cameras. It also enables you to gain the best views of the burglars throughout the break-in.

Of course, when choosing outdoor cameras, it’s equally important to look for weatherproof materials and cameras that utilize robust fittings and fixtures.

It’s Not All About The Camera

In addition to finding the best outdoor home security cameras, you need to ensure that the installation and maintenance facilities are correct. After all, even the best products are a little redundant if they aren’t used correctly.

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