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10 Quick Tips About Car Key Replacement

We all know well that heart-stopping feeling of not being able to find out car keys. Your hand is in your bag and you swear they aren’t there. Then, with relief, your hand clasps around the familiar metal. Until one day it doesn’t.

Whether you misplace car keys at home or drop them while out, this is sure to be a hassle you don’t need. While we can’t do away with that hassle altogether, we can give you our quick tips about all things, car key replacement.

  • #1 Keep searching

The last thing you want is to pay for pricey new keys and find your originals an hour later. As such, it’s always worth extending the search. Retrace your steps. Look under the sofa. Go back to that shop. Just keep looking!

  • #2 Know when to give up

Equally, it’s important that you know when to give up. If you’ve looked for hours and still can’t find your keys, then be realistic. Don’t hold onto false hope which is ultimately going to let you down.

  • #3 Don’t try to get into your vehicle yourself

You may assume breaking into your own vehicle is the logical thing to do but, guess what? You’d be wrong. Attempting this could damage your car keyhole. So, never do it!

  • #4 Check your insurance

When hope of finding your keys is lost, turn to your insurance policy. In some cases, insurers offer a ‘lost key policy’ which could see you getting replacements for nothing.

  • #5 Contact a trusted company

Next, contact Access Locksmith for quick call outs and emergency replacements. With a promised arrival time of just thirty minutes, we’ll soon get you back on the road.

  • #6 Get your papers ready

To speed up the replacement process, get your car ownership papers ready. Papers you’ll need include the make and model of your car, your vehicle identification number, and personal identification.

  • #7 Consider the type of key you need

Consider the key you need before a locksmith arrives. If you want a remote control fob, for instance, you’ll need a locksmith with extensive experience, while manual keys are a more all-round affair.

  • #8 Prepare for the cost

There’s no getting around it; replacement car keys can be expensive. This is a cost you’ll usually need to pay upfront. Best get your wallet out before that locksmith arrives.

  • #9 Get a spare cut

Even if you’re reeling from the cost of your key replacement, now is the time to get a spare cut. If this experience has taught you anything, it’s that there’s no point taking chances. Having at least two keys is vital for avoiding a repeat performance.

  • #10 Be more careful next time

What are mistakes for if not to teach us how to do better next time? If this mistake has taught you anything, it’s that your key needs a set place in your bag, or even one of those awful key rings which screams to ensure you can never lose the thing again!

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