Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Services in Charlotte NC

STOP! Take a breath! Ok, so you locked your keys in the car, or you locked yourself out of the house and need an emergency locksmith. The good news is both of these things can be fixed. Before you break a window or pick up the phone to call for help, run though this short list of suggestions that may help you avoid a hassle and unexpected expense.

1. Did you check all of the doors to see if one of them may be open?
2. Does your neighbor or friend have an extra key?
3. Do you have an extra key hidden somewhere accessible?

Emergency locksmith in Charlotte NC

If after checking these things and you have not resolved the issue. Relax and call 704-455-6707. With many emergency unlocking over 30 years, our technicians have the experience to get you back in. In these many years there have only been a few that required product damage to get in. These were due to the product itself being made to prevent picking or bypass. We will ask questions that will help determine what you have and do our best to inform you on the phone what to expect. Once on scene we will tell you if there is an issue and you will have to give permission before any product is damaged or destroyed to make entry. Our goal is entry that leaves no damage to your property.

That is what happens 99.99% of the time. With the electronic revolution there are many new products on homes and autos that have no lock cylinder to pick and some that are made to prevent picking. That is why we will be asking the questions we ask. So please, relax and work with us and we will make the experience as easy as we can. Contact Access Locksmith today.

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