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Access Locksmith has years of experience in automotive locksmith service that covers what are now antique automobiles to today’s modern cars. We have worked on cars that date back into the 1920’s all the way up to current makes and models. We have cloning and programming equipment for the transponder systems and machines to cut the side-milled keys.

At Access Locksmith We Offer a Wide Range of Automotive Locksmith Services

Car Locksmith Services

  • Car Unlocks
  • Keys Locked in Trunk
  • Car Key Cutting & Copying
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Key Fob Replacement
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Car Key Extraction & Broken Key Removal
  • Rekey Ignition & Ignition Lock Repair
  • Ignition Cylinder Replacement
  • Remote Head Key Programming
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Laser Cut Car Keys
  • Car Door Lock Repair

Car Lockout Service

Car Unlock Service Charlotte, NC

Our emergency car lockout service is here to save the day when you have locked your keys inside your car. A skilled car locksmith will pick the lock of your vehicle (only trained automobile locksmiths can actually do this), and regain entry to your vehicle, allowing you to rescue your keys. Car locksmiths can handle any lock on any car, so don’t worry — we’ll be able to help. Rest assured, there won’t be any damage to your locks or doors, either. Our goal is always to gain entry without damage to your property.

Locked Keys in Trunk

Locked Keys in Trunk

Locking your keys in your trunk can be a disaster, but with our help, you’ll be back on the road in no time. Access Locksmith will use specialist tools to gain access to your boot and retrieve your keys. We pride ourselves on not causing any damage, and we have many years of experience on all makes of car, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is in the best hands.

Car trunks can be tricky, but this is no problem for Access Locksmith. We have the expertise and the training to handle your car trunk, and we use the specialist tools required to great effect.

Car Key Replacement

Lost or damaged your car keys? Give us a call and losing your keys will no longer be a nightmare. With our high-quality automobile locksmith services, you’ll be back on track with your day in no time. Car key replacement with Access Locksmith is fast, reliable, and affordable. Access Locksmith has more than 30 years of experience in car key replacement, so you know you’re in good hands. We can handle almost every brand of car or van, whether your keys are manual or remote, or even smart keys! We’ll get you back on the road fast, even if you’ve snapped your key off in the ignition or jammed it in the door.

Car Key Cutting

Car Key CuttingLike any good locksmith, we cut keys! Just because they are car keys makes no difference to us. We are a skilled automobile locksmith company, and we can cut car keys for you. Whatever you need an extra key for, you can call Access Locksmith today.

Duplicate Car Keys Made

We are only too happy to provide you with a spare car key service. It is much more cost-effective for you to use a car locksmith to get your spare key than getting one from the manufacturer. It’s also much faster, and we can even come to your door to provide this service, giving you even less hassle and much more convenience.

Access Locksmith will use only the latest equipment to cut your new key, ensuring accuracy and high-quality service. We are one of the fastest and most reputable facilities in NC, so you can be sure of a quick, professional key-cutting service. We can provide you with a duplicate car key for all the major manufacturers and models, so if you need a duplicate car key, we’re the people to call.

Key Fob Replacement

Replacement car Key, Key Fob Replacement, Transponder Key, CharlotteSomething wrong with the buttons on your remote key fob? Car not unlocking at all? Buttons just sticking all the time?

Here at Access Locksmith, we offer a key fob replacement service. If you’ve lost your key fob, we can set you up with a new one. It doesn’t take long, and we offer a professional service. We can even do this at your home or office, or you can schedule an appointment to come to us — it’s entirely up to you! So if you’ve lost or broken your remote key fob, don’t panic — call us!

We can also replace your transponder key fob. Transponder keys are used with the ignition, so losing these is going to leave you stranded. But you don’t have to worry for long! Access Locksmith can replace your key fob quickly and efficiently and get you back on the road fast. We can work with any major manufacturers and models of car or van, so whatever you’re driving, call Access Locksmith now.

Transponder Key Programming

At Access Locksmith, we know how essential your transponder key is. It starts your ignition, it guards against theft; but what if it’s not working, or it’s gotten lost or stolen? A skilled automobile locksmith can help you out.

Access Locksmith technicians can program a new transponder key for you or reprogram an old one if yours isn’t working.

Not sure what a transponder is? It’s a unique receptor designed to communicate with your car and only your car. This is why you need an expert to help you program a spare or reprogram a broken one. Transponders were created with your car’s security in mind — the engine won’t start without the exact computer chip in your unique transponder key. Transponders immobilize your car in the event of theft, so we know how vital they are to you. Our professional technicians can reprogram your transponder quickly, so you’re not locked out of your car for long. We’ll probably need the car or van while we work, as it connects to your key, but we can still do this anywhere you like.

Car Key Extraction

Car Key ExtractionIt happens to all of us, you’re rushing to work, and you feel your car key bend in the ignition. Now what? This doesn’t have to be the huge dilemma it once was. Call Access Locksmith and ask for our key extraction service. Our automobile locksmiths can extract your key from the ignition without damage. We use specialized tools so as not to damage your car, and we are professionally trained. If your key has bent, snapped, or got stuck in your ignition, you need an expert technician to retrieve it. Someone just like us!

If your key has got stuck in your door, we can gently and professionally remove it, ensuring no damage occurs to your car door or the lock as we work. We work with bent and snapped keys, as well as keys stuck in dirty or rusty locks, and we can even extract car keys from frozen locks.

Once we’ve retrieved your key, we can offer some vital services like repairing the damaged key (and the lock, if the key has damaged it), or cutting you a new one there and then.

Ignition Cylinder and Switch Replacement

Ignition Cylinder ReplacementWhen the time comes that your ignition cylinder is starting to wear out, Access Locksmith can replace it for you. We have years of experience with all kinds of cars and more than enough expertise to ensure you get a speedy ignition cylinder replacement. One of the best car locksmiths in North Carolina, we will get you back on the road sooner rather than later. If we can simply repair your ignition cylinder, we will, but this won’t be possible in all cases. If you are having trouble getting your key to start your engine, you need an automobile locksmith, and who better than Access Locksmith. Getting a car locksmith to do this is quick and cost-effective, plus you get an expert on locks to do the work for you, rather than a mechanic who would not have much training in locks.

It is very easy to damage your car in an attempt to replace your cylinder yourself. You also run the risk of electric shock if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why risk it for a bad job when you can get a professional to do it properly and safely?

Car won’t start? Changing the battery doesn’t help? Maybe it’s an ignition switch problem. This means the power your battery is providing is getting thrown off course at the ignition switch. Once in a while, this is because of a broken wire or part that can be repaired, but most of the time, the ignition switch itself needs replacing. Your friendly neighborhood car locksmith can advise you on this and then go ahead with the repair or replacement.

Access Locksmith can quickly and easily remove the dashboard plastic to access your ignition switch, without damaging anything. They can even put it all back on quickly due to years of experience. It might look scary, but they know what they’re doing, and they will have your car looking like it did before in no time.

The best person to change an ignition switch is a locksmith, rather than a mechanic, because the ignition switch is a fundamental component in your lock, and works in conjunction with your car key, the issue is not so much with your car, but with the locks. And if it’s a car locksmith you need, Access Locksmith is here!

Rekey Ignition

Rekeying the ignition involves decoding the wafers in your ignition cylinder to match the new cylinder back up with your key. Or, you can rekey all the locks on the car to match the new key that will come with a new ignition cylinder. Either way, Access Locksmith has your back, with our skilled locksmiths. Our excellent technicians have no trouble quickly and easily rekeying your ignition, although rekeying all the locks will take slightly longer.

Our experts will safely and carefully remove your dashboard panel and rekey your ignition. Then, when the work is done, they will reassemble everything so that it looks the same way it was before. You’ll never know we were there. Access Locksmith are qualified professionals, and we are experts in all kinds of cars and locks. You won’t go wrong with Access Locksmith.

So, if you’re in the Concord, Harrisburg, Charlotte or the UNC Charlotte area, and you need a car locksmith, give us a call! We’re friendly, reliable, and professional, and we come to you. You’ll never have to worry about car lockout dramas again.

Give us a chance and see if we can save you money or trouble by making sure you have a backup key. Being locked out of or loosing the key to newer autos can be a real headache. So be proactive and plan ahead. Contact us to schedule a service or call 704-455-6707.

About Access Locksmith

At Access Locksmith, we completely understand the urgency and the stress of losing access to your car. It’s one of the most valuable things you own, and it’s crucial to your daily living. Without it, you’re stuck — but that’s where Access Locksmith comes in!

Proudly serving Concord, Harrisburg, Charlotte and the UNC Charlotte area since 1987, Access Locksmith is a quality locksmith service offered to both residential and commercial customers. With more than 30 years of service behind us, we can guarantee high standards of professional automobile locksmithing.

Access Locksmith is licensed by North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board — this means that we are legitimately qualified and well-trained, having passed the Board’s exam. We are also a member of Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and are fully bonded and insured.

We are both home-based and mobile, so as mobile locksmiths, we can get to you anywhere — handy if you’re locked out of your vehicle miles from anywhere! 95% of our trade occurs in the field, including our professional emergency car lockout service, whether this is residential, automotive, or commercial.

We know you can’t wait days to get back into your vehicle, so our emergency callout services get a technician out to you within the hour. Much of the time, you’ll be back behind your wheel in under 30 minutes after we arrive.

Access Locksmith has an excellent track record of working with cars dated from all the way back to the 1920s, so you can be sure we cover all significant models. We know the locks of all the major car and van manufacturers like the backs of our hands, so you know we can help you solve your dilemma. No matter what car you drive, we will be able to help you.

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