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Rekey Locks in Charlotte NC with Access Locksmith

Are you looking for the best and most reliable rekey locks locksmith that Charlotte, NC has to offer? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at Access Locksmith, we have established ourselves as one of the Charlotte, Concord and Harrisburg region’s premier locksmith services for rekeying locks.

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The locks on your door are critical for the security of your home, business office, and workplace. Put simply, if you don’t ensure you are maintaining your locks properly, the reality is that security issues could well follow. If you ask any top security expert, they will all tell you the same thing – make sure your locks are changed regularly, and not just on those times that you lose your keys or suffer from a break in.

And this is where Access Locksmith can help. As a rekey locksmith, we have served a huge range of residential and business customers since our inception in 1989, and have noticed the trend for rekeying growing in popularity every year. It’s the best way of ensuring your home is protected in terms of affordability and costs far less than a complete total door lock replacement. Rekeying is super quick to carry out, taking about half the time to replace them completely but offering all the security benefits – which makes it a worthwhile procedure to think about if you need to deal with several locks and doors in your home.

Why should you rekey locks in your home or business?

Most people only think about rekeying their locks when they move into a new property, suffer from a break in, or lose their keys. And rightly so, as it is vital to consider rekeying in all of these situations. However, there are a huge array of other reasons to make sure you are rekeying on a regular basis. It’s vital to rekey every time someone – a  roommate, for example – moves out, or you are going through a divorce or separation. And what about the other people who have access to your home? Can you guarantee that your domestic cleaner, dog walker, or cat feeder won’t have another key to your house cut, or even have your original keys stolen by someone else who might know when you are not at home?

What are the benefits of rekeying?

As we discussed earlier, rekeying your locks is so much quicker than undergoing a full lock replacement. Essentially, all you are doing is resetting the lock pins found in your lock cylinder, which changes the tumbler combination and requires a newly cut set of keys. Once you rekey your locks, your old keys won’t work – it’s as simple as that.

It’s an affordable alternative to a full replacement, too. Rekeying locks do not require the purchase of a new lock so you will save money. And, in fact, rekeying your locks can sometimes actually be more secure than replacing your locks completely. Your rekey locksmith will give you all the keys you need, and you can limit their distribution to your liking with complete accuracy.

Finally, it’s a simple matter of convenience. Not only will our rekey locksmiths be in and out of your home or office in no time at all, but you won’t need to carry a huge bunch of keys for use with multiple locks. It’s possible to have one key cut that will open every lock in your workplace or home so everything will be much easier to manage.

Your Charlotte, NC rekey locksmith

So, if you are in the Charlotte, NC or wider area, please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Access Locksmith for all your rekeying needs. We always recommend hiring a professional locksmith as it ensures you get the best possible fitting – and security as a result. Don’t forget, some door locks can be incredibly complicated, so a professional eye will always be better than risking a DIY job.

There are many ways you can contact us. You can call by phone or send us an email. And whether you are looking to replace old locks, secure your home after someone moves out, or just want a better peace of mind after a break in, we have the skills, experience, and friendly reputation you are looking for. Get in touch today and we will arrange an appointment with one of our highly trained, hugely experienced locksmiths to come to your home or commercial property and we will rekey your locks in no time at all.

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