Before You Call

Before You Call


Please have your information available when you call and be ready for a few questions. If you do not wish to give an exact address when calling for a quote, give us a general location. The more precise the information, the better quote we can give. We do not want to waste your time or money with an unwanted or unproductive service call.

If you are unsure of what terms to use, check out our Locksmith Lingo page.

Here are a few things we need to know:

  • When do you need the service?
  • Is this an emergency?
  • What is a local phone number where you can be reached? (Cell number, work, neighbor’s)
  • Do we need to come to you or will you bring it to us? (This applies to re-keying, originating keys, etc.)
  • What is the address where you need service? (Location of car, house, etc.)
  • What are the year, make and model of car?
  • Is there an anti-theft system on the car?
  • Do you have the key code? (Check original paperwork. This may save you money)
  • If you are locked out, where are the keys? (In the trunk, in the ignition, at Aunt Millie’s, lost)
  • How many new keys you will need? We can duplicate keys on site.

Make sure you have these with you if possible:

  • Identification
  • Registration
  • If a key is broken, collect all pieces of the key
  • If we are re-keying, have all keys that currently work the lock
  • Payment

Please remember, we strive to keep you and your privacy safe. We cannot unlock a house or car unless the owner is present. This protects you from unwanted entry into your house or car. We will not share keys or information with anyone other than the owner. Keys for restricted keyway (Schlage Primus) require signature. Call for service now! 704-455-6707.