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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Locksmith

There are loads of locksmiths around that offer a range of diverse services. But, how do you go ahead and find the perfect one? If you’re looking for a locksmith in your area, then here are twelve steps to follow to ensure you find the best one:

Look at their experience

Experienced locksmiths are often the best ones around as they’ve been doing this for years. If you really want to get your money’s worth, then it pays to look at their experience before hiring them.

Check the services they offer

As mentioned at the start of this blog, locksmiths can provide a diversity of services nowadays. Some will go above and beyond traditional lock fitting, and can even handle electronic keypad locks, mechanical locks, and master key systems. If you want the perfect locksmith, then you need to see if they can provide the services you’re looking for!

View customer testimonials

It’s all well and good having loads of experience, but this isn’t the be all and end all of a good locksmith. In conjunction with years of experience in this field, they should also have a vast catalog of previous customers that can testify for them. View any reviews of testimonials online to see how other people fared with this company. If they’re all positive, then you’re onto a winner.

Make sure they’re licensed

Of course, you have to ensure you’re paying a locksmith that’s licensed to operate in this industry. If they can’t provide the right licensing, then you shouldn’t risk using them. There’s absolutely no reason for a locksmith to operate without a license, so this should tell you that something’s not quite right with their business.

Check if they’re insured

Likewise, the perfect locksmith will have insurance to cover them in case any problems happen to occur. Realistically, if you pick the best company around, then this won’t ever have to come into play at all. But, if a freak accident happens that causes problems during their job, then they have insurance to cover it, meaning you won’t have to. It’s added protection for the consumer, so look out for it.

Look at their response times

Often, you need a locksmith in an emergency situation. Perhaps you’re locked out of your house and desperately need to get inside. Or, you’re locked out of your car and need to get to work. So, you need to be confident that your locksmith will respond as quickly as possible. If they don’t advertise quick response times, and state that they take a day or two to respond, then they’re not going to work for you. Find a company that will come out on the same day as soon as you call them.

See if they’re knowledgeable or not

It’s beneficial to view a locksmith’s website and read through their services page. Here, you will see if they’re knowledgeable or not. Do they use big terms and display a clear understanding of modern locksmith technology? If you’re left feeling unimpressed by their service descriptions, then it may indicate they’re not as knowledgeable as they claim.

Compare different quotes

You must get quotes from various locksmiths once you’ve narrowed your search a bit. From here, you will see which company offers the most competitive price. It’s a great way to see who’s charging way too much for the same service as everyone else.

Get in touch and see how they respond

Another thing to do is send them an email or give them a brief call with a query. See how they respond to gauge how good their customer service is. If you’re impressed with how well they answer your question, then that’s a good sign.

Look at how big their team is

The perfect locksmith should have a sizable team to call upon. Why does this help? Because it means waiting times will be shorter! If there’s just one person, then it could be a while before you’re seen.

Look for 3rd party approval

As well as customer testimonials, you should also look for 3rd party approval. Have they been approved by a locksmith association? Or maybe some big-name media outlets have featured them before?

View previous work

Hopefully, the locksmith provides examples of previous work for you to look at. Comparing examples from different companies helps you see who the professionals are, and who are just slightly skilled handymen.

Follow these steps to find the perfect locksmith near you! At Access Locksmith, we tick everything off this list and are an experienced and reliable company. If you want the best service around, then please give us a call today or view our site to see the services we offer.