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Keep Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure: The Best Security Options

For most people, the motorcycle they spend time waxing and buffing is their pride and joy. It’s the proof of months – possibly years – of saving for something that they have worked very hard to buy. Motorcycles are stolen by those who believe they deserve it, stolen to be broken down as parts and even stolen to order. There are numerous reasons that motorcycles are stolen, and you have to do everything in your power to prevent it from happening.

Despite the statistics, less than half of all motorcycles are actually protected by bike locks and security devices. Unsecured motorcycles are easy targets and if yours isn’t adequately protected, it can be argued that you didn’t care if it was going to be stolen or not. Unsecured bikes can be lifted into vans, wheeled away or joy rode away, and there would be nothing that you could do about it after the fact. Instead of waiting to be a victim, why not think about adding the right security devices right now? There’s no need to become a victim of theft if you don’t have to, so let’s check out the best options to use for security for your bike:

Motorcycle Alarms and Immobilizers

If your bike doesn’t have an alarm or an immobilizer, then you need to think about getting them. As long as they are insurance-approved, you can ensure that you can deter the most eager of thieves out there.

Professionally-fitted alarm systems will put off determined thieves while also reducing what you spend on insurance at the same time. It’s absolutely worth paying a little extra to get the best of the best fitted to your motorcycle, especially if they are fitted by a trained professional. The complexities of adding an alarm to a motorcycle are not worth trying to navigate yourself – ask for help instead!

Motorcycle Locks

It’s the simplest answer to the risk of theft. Large chain locks or cable locks are an instant deterrent given how visible they are. These should, of course, be secured to an object that cannot be easily moved, such as a post or railings. Threading the cables or chains through the frame of the bike can ensure that you stop the thieves from taking it away entirely.

Disc locks are a little different, as while they will put off the casual thief, they won’t put off the professional thieves out there for long. They’ll just lift the bike into a van and drive away, as there’s no lock attached to the bike. Immobilizers are usually used with disc locks for this reason.

Put a Mark on Your Motorcycle

You can mark your motorcycle with your vehicle identification number, registration and postcode, and most people do this with an ultraviolet ink pen. You can write this information in an obscure place, and should it be stolen, you can prove it’s your bike by shining the light on it. It’s only 1 in 5 bikes that get back to their owners after a theft, and that’s due to the fact that they cannot be identified. Locking your bike and storing it securely are the best things that you can do to keep your motorcycle safe – don’t let yourself down!